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The Internet is without a doubt the largest repository of knowledge in human history, so extensive that it becomes nigh impossible for humans to truly navigate and explore it on their own. If you want to truly analyze all the content that appears on the world wide web - whether for research, market analysis, or data analysis - some form of automation is required. That’s where web scraping comes in.

Unfortunately, scraping websites isn’t exactly a resource-light process. In order to effectively crawl the web, your business needs to be backed by powerful infrastructure. It needs a hosting solution to command its spiders, analyze the information they collect, and store the insights from that analysis.

What Makes ASEOHosting Such A Great Scrape Hosting Choice?

A Diverse IP Portfolio

One of the most common methods for stopping web crawlers is IP blocking. Thankfully, ASEOHosting has a diverse, expansive selection of addresses for you to draw on. If your bot ends up getting blocked, we may offer IP replacement on a monthly basis, depending on your project size.

Multiple Geographically-Distributed Data Centers

As an ASEOHosting client, you’ll have an incredibly expansive network at your disposal. Our Data Centers are situated all over the world, ensuring that no matter where you (or the website you’re crawling) are, you’ll still enjoy optimal travel times on your data. This resource distribution happens automatically.

Dedicated Servers

Data scraping can be an incredibly resource-intensive process. Thankfully, with one of ASEOHosting’s dedicated servers, you’ll never need to worry about whether or not your spiders have enough juice to do their job.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated, professional team of technical experts is always on call, ready to assist you with whatever problems you might encounter. Like us, they’re only interested in one thing - ensuring you have the best experience possible and that any problems you may encounter are solved with speed and precision.

Compatibility With A Wide Range Of Scraping Software

At ASEOHosting, we’ve long prided ourselves on offering compatible hosting for all the top content management systems on the market. Now that we’ve expanded into site scraping, we’re going to make the same promise with scraping software. Whatever solution you use to crawl the web, we’ll do what’s necessary to support it.

Ready for get started?

Want to get yourself set up with a scrape hosting server? Give our sales department a shout; we’d love to hear from you and can help to build a package to fit your specific needs.

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  • Datacenter Facility :
  • Location : Detroit, Michigan / USA
  • Data Center Space : 6400 square foot facility with over 3200 square feet of raised floor data center space.
  • Power : Full UPS and generator backup systems installed and tested weekly.
  • Security : All facility entrances/exits card key controlled, and facilities are staffed 24/7 and monitored by camera.
  • Environmental : Redundant 22-ton Liebert HVAC systems.
  • Fire Suppression : Pre-action dry-pipe system covering entire facility.
  • Bandwidth Providers : Level3 - Savvis - Global Crossing - Cogent
  • Connectivity : Multiple gigabits of high quality bandwidth. We use industry-standard BGPv4 to peer with multiple Tier 1 networks.
    This provides reliability through automatic failover and maintains connectivity even when one of our peers has internal problem with their routes. This allows allows our routers to choose from among our routes the best routes to any network anywhere in the world. If you want more details on our peers, some of our current bandwidth providers are listed at the bottom of the page. We exclusively use Cisco, the industry standard for dependable high performance routing and switching, at the core and distribution levels of our network. Access layers are handled by both Cisco and Dell switches. We pride ourself on having built a solid, redundant network and we back this up with our 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Photo Gallery :
    Detroit Datacenter
    Detroit Datacenter
    Detroit Datacenter
    Detroit Datacenter
    Detroit Datacenter
    Detroit Datacenter
All website, domain and IP management is done via the industry leading cPanel/WHM control panel.