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International SEO: does your IP address matter?

data center

Google says yes.  While some may question the advantage of multiple ip hosting in certain situations, in many circumstances, there is no room for questioning.  One such area is where internationalization is concerned.  

Are you surprised? Of course, many users choose multiple IP address hosting for networks of micro sites and any other number of reasons. International SEO does absolutely hinge on local IP address allocations, however. Not convinced?  Here it is directly from Matt Cutts (head of Google’s Web Spam Team).

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ASEOHosting Announces SEO Web Hosting Services

Hudson, Florida, September 14, 2011- ASEOHosting, a web hosting company owned by Ahosting, Inc., has announced the debut of a new set of SEO web hosting services. This unique set of web hosting offerings is intended to assist SEO professionals in achieving better search engine rankings through a hosting platform specially designed for SEO purposes.

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