Are Slow Load Times Killing Your Sales (6 Infographics)

Are Slow Load-Times Killing Your Conversion Rate – Part One: 6 Best Infographics

We’ve all felt that sense of irritation when we click on a link and have to wait while a slow page loads its dozens of unoptimized images and embedded widgets and analytics scripts, fetching components spread across servers in disparate locations and incurring significant extra round-trip lag. Today, we’re going to have a look a 6 of the best infographics on the subject, and next week we’ll show you the top 10 causes of slow web pages and what you can do to fix them.

1) Instant America by Mashable

Americans expect prompt service, we don’t like to wait for waiters and sales staff, and we find waiting for websites especially galling, as this infographic from Mashable neatly demonstrates.

impatient america

2) How Loading Times Affect Your Bottom Line from KISSmetrics

This one takes a look at how loading affects conversions rates, especially when it comes to unoptimized mobile sites.

3) The Seven Deadly Mistake that Make Website’s Slow from Yotta

Beautifully details the major causes of a slow website and what can be done to mitigate them.

The 7 Deadly Mistakes That Make Websites Slow [Infographic]

4) How much time is wasted on loading unnecessary data? from GTmetrix

Fascinating presentation of how much unnecessary data is being downloaded by visitors to the Top 1000 sites. It would take 1 person on a standard broadband line 619 years to download the amount of excess data these guys send out in a month because they haven’t instituted three simple fixes on their sites.

5) Website Abandonment Happens After 3 Seconds from strangeloop

A short and to-the-point visualization of what happens to a company’s customers when they have an unsatisfactory web experience because of a slow site.

website abandonment

6) Give Your Site a Health Check from speckyboy

Without information it’s impossible to optimize, so for the final infographic in our roundup, here’s a great set of resources for gathering information about all aspects of your site, not just its speed.

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