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SEO Hosting: Why Choose Multiple IP Web Hosting

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Search engine optimization is a broad field that employs a huge number of different strategies to help sites rank well in the SERPs. From producing awesome content to technical strategies like implementing caching to speed up a site, many web owners are familiar with the basic practices of SEO, but what they don’t consider is the potential benefit of using a specialist SEO host.

An SEO host provides everything that ordinary web hosting companies provides, but they offer an additional service that standard web hosts do not: multiple IP hosting. Multiple IP hosting depends on a company having control of a large block of so-called C-level IPs. Not all companies have control over a sufficiently wide variety of IPs over a sufficiently diverse geographical range to successfully offer the benefits of multiple IP hosting.

SEO hosting companies allow their clients to make use of the large set of IPs they control, and that has a number of significant SEO benefits. Continue reading

Five Common Small Business Content Marketing Problems And Their Solutions


Content marketing has always been with us. It has been called different things, but the creation of engaging content by brands has been a lynchpin of marketing for decades. In recent years, online marketers in particular have been forced by improvements to search engine algorithms, the ubiquity of social media, and users’ increasing immunity to traditional advertising methods to up their game in the content arena.

Many, however, remain to be convinced, seeing content marketing a passing fad or a distraction from the tried and true marketing and SEO tactics of the past. The naysayers have a variety of arguments that are frequently used to stymie content marketing advocates, and those advocates are faced with some real problems when implementing content marketing campaigns. We’re going to have a look at five of the most serious problems content marketers face and offer possible solutions.

We Can’t Produce Enough Content

I hear this a lot. Producing content in sufficient quantities to keep hungry search engines fed and social media followers engaged seems a daunting task. Continue reading

Google Warns Publishers About Native Advertising

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In a post on the official Google News Blog, Google has warned publishers that publishing content that fails to clearly discriminate between editorial and advertising may harm their ranking and Google News SEO.

The decline of traditional advertising revenue has forced publishers to devise new methods of generating income from their content. One of the methods that has rapidly gained popularity in recent months is known as native advertising. Native advertising is akin to the traditional advertorial. Promotional posts are published with much of the same context as editorial content. While such articles may include a low-key notification that they are promotional content, they almost exactly resemble the other output of a site.

While bloggers are well acquainted with the promotional guest post, there is intense controversy surrounding the use of native advertising on more traditional news platforms. The Atlantic recently generated a storm when it published a glowing article about Scientology without making it clear that it had been paid for and wasn’t objective editorial. Continue reading

SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media: The Best Of March 2013

Spring is on the way, and as always it’s a great time for growth, renewal, and reflection. SEO is a constantly shifting endeavor, so we need to keep on top of the newest thinking, ever ready to exchange worn out strategies for the newest and most effective techniques.

We like to help our clients keep on top of the buzz so they can adapt to changing time, so here’s our end-of-the-month roundup of the most interesting content we’ve come across.


5 Strategies for Better ‘Link Building’ and Improving Your SEO

5 Strategies for Better 'Link Building' and Improving Your SEO

The digital marketing world has seen more changes in the past two years than over the last 10 years combined, thanks to the release of Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. Both have changed online marketing best practices, including everything from how sites should be built to how “backlinks” should be created. Links that go from another site to yours are called backlinks because they point back…

Top Five SEO Mistakes of 2013

Top Five SEO Mistakes of 2013

The face of SEO has changed, and time will tell if it’s for the better. Now it’s extremely difficult for a site to rank on the first page for moderately competitive keywords. The days of blasting the web with your backlinks in order to rank are long gone. In some ways this has leveled the playing field, but it means that webmasters must be extremely cautious with their… Continue reading