ASEOHosting Introduces SEO Hosting With Multiple Class A IP Addresses

Hudson, FL, September 3rd, 2013 – ASEOHosting, a leading provider of multiple IP hosting, has announced the creation of new SEO hosting packages that allow clients to take advantage of multiple Class A IP addresses per hosting account. The new packages are in addition to ASEOHosting’s existing multiple Class C hosting packages.

ASEOHosting is at the forefront of the SEO hosting industry, and the provision of multiple Class A addresses gives their clients a considerable SEO advantage when compared to clients of competing hosting companies. Most web hosts require that clients who need several different Class A IPs create a new hosting account for each, and even in that case, different Class A IPs are not guaranteed. ASEOHosting’s new packages allow each hosting account to use up to 20 different Class A IP addresses.

Google and the other search engines will typically discount the value of inbound links that originate from sites on the same IP address. Multiple IP hosting helps to overcome this limitation by allowing clients to have their sites served from several different Class A IP addresses. Class A IP addresses have the advantage of being completely unique, further decreasing the odds of being detected by the search engines when hosting several related websites on the same server.

Having access to a wide range of Class A IPs is also an important part of both international and local SEO. The ability to use a diverse set of IP addresses can significantly improve the SEO of sites targeted to specific geographic locations.

“The availability of SEO hosting packages that provide access to numerous Class A IP addresses offers a considerable advantage to clients who are serious about international and local SEO ,” commented ASEOHosting’s Vice President of Customer Relations, Daniel Page,“ Maximizing exposure by tailoring sites to meet the requirements of diverse markets will help businesses to increase their search engine traffic and their revenue.”

In addition to multiple Class A IP addresses, ASEOHosting’s new SEO hosting packages provide all the other advantages that their clients have come to expect, including committed round-the-clock support, private name servers for each domain, easy-to-use account configuration with cPanel, and one-click CMS installation with Softaculous.


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