Get 20% Off SEO Hosting Packages With Our Black Friday Promo Code

To help you kick off the holiday season with a bang, we’re offering 20% off our popular SEO hosting packages with the promotional code: ASEO20-OFF.

While many hosting companies will be dropping their prices for Black Friday, very few of them are able to provide the SEO benefits that come with being an ASEOHosting client. Only we can offer such an extensive range of Class C IP blocks. Each ASEOHosting shared hosting package is able to make use of up to 550 dedicated IP addresses, helping your sites stand out from the crowd.

Unsure of the benefits of multiple IP hosting? Let me explain how having access to such a huge number of IPs can help your business kick it in the SERPs both in your home market and internationally.

International SEO

Google and other search engines want to serve their users the most relevant content. Location is a big part of how they determine relevance, and that’s often based on the geolocation of IP addresses. If your business trades internationally, you’ll have trouble ranking in other markets if your site is served from an IP address outside of that market. We have a geographically diverse portfolio of IP addresses that enables our clients to launch sites with geolocation results appropriate to the markets they need to rank in.

Local SEO

This is the flip-side of International SEO. If you want your site to rank well in an area, you’re going to be at a disadvantage if you don’t have the right IP.

Avoid Association With Penalized IPs.

Many shared hosting providers will serve hundreds of sites from the same IP and make it expensive for clients to get even one dedicated IP address; they certainly don’t make it easy to get dozens or hundreds.

In theory that’s fine, but you have no idea what your neighbors on the same IP are doing. If they’re serving up spam or malware, or otherwise behaving in ways that will put them in Google’s bad books, your site may be pulled down with them. Having easy access to as many dedicated IPs as you need means you never have to worry about what your neighbors are doing.

Host As Many Microsites As You Need On Different IPs

In many cases, businesses have a legitimate need for a large number of sites. They may want to create differently branded sites for different market segments, or they may want to have individual sites that cater to different branches of their business — for example, hotel chains often have this requirement. Unfortunately, links between sites on the same IP don’t carry the same link juice as those on different IPs, so much of the SEO advantage of interconnected microsites is lost.

With ASEOHosting’s multiple-IP hosting, clients can put each of their sites on a separate IP, ensuring that they reap the maximum SEO benefit.

In addition to all the advantages that ASEOHosting’s SEO hosting packages bring, clients can also rely on our rock-solid hosting platform and dedicated support team, which make ASEOHosting the best option in the business for multiple IP hosting.

When you choose your multiple IP hosting package, don’t forget to use the promo code ASEO20-OFF to get a recurring 20% discount on all SEO hosting plans.

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