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SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media: The Best of November 2013

The last few months, it seems like people have spent a lot of time trying to define SEO’s new role in this Google altered landscape of Hummingbird and “Keyword Not Provided.” This month, the conversation has moved to defining content marketing’s new role. Content marketing may or may not be the new journalism or the new SEO, but regardless of its definition, it is an exceedingly important strategy to promote your online business. Bring in social media and SEO and you have the winning trifecta. That’s why we gather up the best SEO, content marketing, and social media articles each month for your convenience. Here are our favorites from November. Enjoy, and if you’re looking for the same great content the rest of the month, don’t forget to check in with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.


5 Ways to Write Quality Content That is SEO FriendlyAbusing-seo-Keyword

Although Google’s search engine algorithms are shrouded in mystery, they are widely accepted as a barometer for gauging the importance of your content on the internet. As a result, a cottage industry has developed that is focused on gaming the rankings to receive favorable placement. However more often than not, “black-hat” SEO tactics do not work. What works is creating quality content that is useful to your reader. Below are five methods for writing content that will do well in search engine rankings. Continue reading

Easier Reputation Management With Google’s New Reviews For Business

200915795_801b42a1fc_zLife was simpler for businesses even just a decade ago. Of course, reputation was as crucial for a company then as it is now, but in the intervening years the way that customers and clients interact with business has changed radically. No business can please one hundred percent of their customers, but, whereas back in the day that might have meant a complaint, some bad word-of-mouth, or at the worst a letter to the media, in a world where everyone with a grudge and an internet connection can make themselves heard by millions, every business has to take reputation management seriously. Continue reading