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Google Disavow Tool

How Can Overzealous Use Of Google’s Disavow Tool Hurt Your Rankings?

The birth of Google’s Penguin algorithm – designed to cut down on link spam – had one rather unfortunate side effect. No, I’m not talking about all the webmasters claiming they were unjustly penalized by the algorithm. Rather, I’m talking about a new, underhanded tactic being practiced by all the black hat search engine marketers. Continue reading

SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media: The Best of February 2015

Since our last roundup, Google has announced that they will begin indexing tweets, which is yet another example that social and SEO are tied together in many different ways. Additionally, the world has gotten so crazy that this month in the content marketing section, we have included lessons from both BuzzFeed and journalists. This is just another example of how important content marketing is to all publishers, from news outlets to viral sites. We’ve also rounded up what we thought were the best of the rest from the fields of SEO, content marketing, and social media. Check out these great articles, and if you’re looking for the same great content the rest of the year, don’t forget to check in with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.


A Content Marketer’s Guide To SEO: A Checklist

It’s 2015 and by now you’ve been told, again and again, the importance of developing valuable content to increase your visibility in search. It’s time to cut through the noise and step up with some advice you can actually use to generate results from content development. Continue reading