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Can No Longer Ignore Social SEO

Here’s Proof Positive That You Can No Longer Ignore Social SEO

You’ve probably been told on a few occasions that social media’s a pretty important component of content marketing – that social SEO is something that you as a content creator should understand. Maybe you paid attention to the advice, maybe you didn’t. Either way, research recently released by Pew has revealed that more Americans than ever are using Facebook and Twitter as their primary news source. Continue reading

June 2015’s Best Social Media, Content Marketing, and SEO

The recent Google “Phantom” update got the SEO industry into an uproar, which is hardly anything new. But if you’ve followed us and read this roundup for a while, you’ll know we believe that time spent worrying about Google is just wasted time. Focus on creating the best website possible with the most valuable content possible and Google will reward you in the rankings. This is why we always implore you to work social media and content marketing into your SEO efforts to ensure the best achievable results. Check out the posts below to improve your inbound marketing efforts with this winning trifecta. Here’s the best from June. If you’re looking for the same great content the rest of the year, don’t forget to check in with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Continue reading

How To Tell If Penalized

How Can You Tell If You’re Getting Penalized For Bad SEO?

There was a time when a website’s content didn’t matter all that much. As long as the SEO expert responsible for marketing it played nice with Google’s algorithms, it ranked high. Those days, however, are now far behind us.

Today, Google’s way more selective about what sites it allows at the top of its rankings – and far harsher on the tactics it’s identified as underhanded. What that means is that if you engage in black hat SEO, you’re going to get penalized. If you let too much spam crop up on your site, you’re going to get penalized.

And if your site consists of low-quality, ‘thin’ content, you’re going to get penalized. Continue reading