July 2015’s Best Social Media, Content Marketing, and SEO

Panda 4.2 has arrived. Unsurprisingly, the Internet is still here. In case that doesn’t convince you, we found some posts that look at the impact of Google’s most recent update. So now that the hysteria is over, it’s time to get back to work making sure you sites rank well for all the keywords. As usual, we recommend a blend of social media, content marketing, and SEO to properly achieve your goals. To help, here are the best articles on those subjects  from July. If you’re looking for the same great content the rest of the year, don’t forget to check in with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.


How to Learn SEO: Choose Your Own Adventure Edition

“How can I learn SEO?” is a deceptively simple question. The standard approach is to attempt to appeal to anyone who’s interested in SEO without any idea of your previous experience or the actual reasons you want to learn SEO. That’s fun.

Google Panda Update: Everything We Know About Panda 4.2

Yes, we have liftoff! Panda 4.2 has finally arrived, following Gary Illyes announcement last month that the refresh was coming. “This past weekend we began a Panda update that will rollout over the coming months,” said a Google spokesperson about Panda.

Rebranding Your Company? How NOT to Kill Your SEO in the Process

Considering a rebrand? You’re probably aware that it will be no easy feat. On top of the soul searching, repositioning, creative, legal headaches and everything else that’s involved, you’re going to have Google to reckon with.

Helpful Tips for International SEO

It’s no longer enough to simply target local geographical markets. While everyone is talking about the importance of local SEO–and rightly so–few are discussing the opposite end of the spectrum: international SEO.

What’s The Deal With Keyword Density?

a recent guest post I did on Sprout Social about blogging tips, there was a comment about keyword density. I left a reply, but I started thinking this is a good topic to expound on since I’m sure it’s something that a lot of you are curious about. The main point I made in my reply was that you shouldn’t worry so much about keyword density.

Proven Responsive Design SEO Benefits [Case Study]

Back in the day, when you needed to know an answer to something but didn’t have resources, you might have jotted the question down on a sticky pad or written a reminder in your calendar to look it up later. If you’re like me, you’d just ask your wife to remind you to look it up later.

10 Tips To Boost Your Position in Mobile Search. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Over 50% of the world’s population uses mobile devices, according to GSMA Intelligence. It’s about time to focus your efforts on mobile search. Therefore, Google’s mobile friendly algorithm update, “Mobilegeddon”, was released two months ago.

Content Marketing

3 Things Content Marketers Need to Know About Google’s Panda 4.2 Update

The newest update to Google’s Panda algorithm is here, and SEO experts are confused. Over time, Google has become more and more secretive about updates to its algorithm, despite the potentially huge effect they can have on companies’ search ranking and revenue.

What To Do When Content Marketing Fails To Improve SEO Performance

You had big dreams for your content marketing initiatives — but unfortunately they’ve fallen flat. Columnist Derek Edmond shows how to assess why your content marketing isn’t positively impacting your SEO.

8 Quick Tips For Maintaining a Long Term Content Marketing Strategy

If you want your use your blog as a legitimate tool for growth, then you need to take it seriously—and that means planning beyond this week, and even the month. While it can be tempting to treat your blog as a side project, or a supplementary part of your content marketing strategy, that’s hardly the case.

9 ‘Cheats’ to Make Your Content Go Viral

Have you ever found yourself lost in an article that read something along the lines of, “12 Ways Your Life is Like a Harry Potter Novel” and then thought to yourself, “Why am I reading this?” There’s a good reason why you are trapped in the Internet content rabbit-hole.

The Only Metric That Matters For Content Marketing

At Pixable, we — like almost every digital property — are in the eyeball game. We are one of thousands of media companies competing for attention, and, in our case, we seek the attention of young, highly social readers with seemingly infinite interests.

Social Media

14-Day Facebook Ad Experiment

What’s the #1 thing you are procrastinating on? I know what mine is. For 18 months, I’ve performed over 100 different marketing experiments and reported the results back to you with detailed case studies on how you can use the experiments in your business.

Finding the Perfect Match in the Social Media Platform Universe

It seems like a new social networking platform pops up every time you turn around. But while the idea of being on all of these platforms is great, most entrepreneurs don’t have the time. They know it’s better to be selective about where you establish your social presence, so you can develop a focused and effective strategy.

The Future of Google+, What New Research Reveals

Are you interested in Google+ marketing? Wondering where the platform is headed? Despite a number of detractors, Google+ has a number of fans and supporters who say Google+ has grown into a platform that wins them business.

5 Ways to Use Snapchat for Business

Are you thinking of adding Snapchat to your social media marketing mix? Interested in ways to use Snapchat to strengthen your brand? With Snapchat, you can increase community engagement and brand awareness through innovative marketing campaigns.

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