Why You Should Never, EVER Spin Content

As you already know, content is king.

All things being equal, a business with a steady stream of fresh content will inevitably outperform a business that generates no content at all.  Through blog posts, videos, and other materials, you can provide value to your audience beyond your core products and services. You can generate engagement, bring in more traffic to your site, and ultimately help to build a community around your brand.

But content creation is hard. Coming up with fresh, original topics on a regular basis is challenging. Writing compelling copy based on those topics is difficult. 

You may think you’ve found an alternative in content spinning. If creating original content is so time-consuming, why not just spin your content from another source?  A whole laundry list of reasons, actually.

For the uninitiated, content spinning is the practice of rewriting or reworking a piece of content just enough that Google will recognize it as unique. 

It’s a pretty common tool in the repertoire of the career plagiarist. Where it differs from plagiarism is that it requires just a little bit more work than outright claiming someone else’s work as your own.  Or rather, it used to.

These days, the web is awash with content spinning tools that use artificial intelligence to rewrite articles for  you. All you need to do is plug in an article, and they’ll take care of the heavy lifting, sometimes generating hundreds of possibilities. Some of them even go so far as to claim they’re “good enough to fool Google!”

Don’t fall for it.

The truth is that content spinning is the equivalent of creating a cheap knockoff of a product. You aren’t offering your audience anything of value, nor are you putting any care or passion into your brand. Instead, you’re providing them with little more than low-quality garbage. 

If you don’t believe me, I’ve included an example below. We took the first paragraph of this piece and ran it through a content spinning tool:

 As you definitely know, quality writing is everything. 

Taking everything into account, a business with a constant flow of new substance will unavoidably outflank a business that produces no substance by any means. Through blog entries, recordings, and different materials, you can offer some benefit to your group of spectators past your center items and administrations. You can create a commitment, acquire more traffic to your site, and at last help to manufacture a network around your image. 

Be that as it may, content creation is hard. Thinking of crisp, unique subjects all the time is testing. Composing convincing duplicate dependent on those subjects is troublesome.

Pretty bad, right? The fact that most content spinning tools belch out word salad isn’t the only reason that using them is a bad call, either. Google is well aware that spun content has no value – it’s why two of its major algorithm updates, Penguin and Panda, were specifically designed to crack down on practices like content spinning

At the end of the day, there’s simply no substitute for good content. Hire someone to create it for you if you must. Just make sure you create it, and that it’s original. 

Otherwise, don’t bother doing anything at all.

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