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Why Should I Use SEO Hosting?



When people hear about SEO hosting, a common query is “Why should I use SEO hosting; surely I can optimize my site for search with any hosting company.” That’s completely right, but SEO hosting has a specific place in the SEO strategist’s tool box. In this article, we’d like to clear up some of the confusion around SEO hosting and help you develop an understanding of what it is and why you might need it.

What Is SEO Hosting?

The defining feature of SEO hosting companies is the number of IP addresses they have available for their clients to use. If you keep abreast of the news in the web hosting space, you’ll be aware that IPv4 numbers are hard to come by. When IPv4 was developed, there was no comprehension of the huge number of devices that would eventually be connected to the Internet. There aren’t enough IP addresses to go around, and so hosting companies often don’t have anywhere near enough to cover all their clients. Continue reading

SEO Hosting: Why Choose Multiple IP Web Hosting

image(Flickr/ Eric Fischer)

Search engine optimization is a broad field that employs a huge number of different strategies to help sites rank well in the SERPs. From producing awesome content to technical strategies like implementing caching to speed up a site, many web owners are familiar with the basic practices of SEO, but what they don’t consider is the potential benefit of using a specialist SEO host.

An SEO host provides everything that ordinary web hosting companies provides, but they offer an additional service that standard web hosts do not: multiple IP hosting. Multiple IP hosting depends on a company having control of a large block of so-called C-level IPs. Not all companies have control over a sufficiently wide variety of IPs over a sufficiently diverse geographical range to successfully offer the benefits of multiple IP hosting.

SEO hosting companies allow their clients to make use of the large set of IPs they control, and that has a number of significant SEO benefits. Continue reading

Five Common Small Business Content Marketing Problems And Their Solutions


Content marketing has always been with us. It has been called different things, but the creation of engaging content by brands has been a lynchpin of marketing for decades. In recent years, online marketers in particular have been forced by improvements to search engine algorithms, the ubiquity of social media, and users’ increasing immunity to traditional advertising methods to up their game in the content arena.

Many, however, remain to be convinced, seeing content marketing a passing fad or a distraction from the tried and true marketing and SEO tactics of the past. The naysayers have a variety of arguments that are frequently used to stymie content marketing advocates, and those advocates are faced with some real problems when implementing content marketing campaigns. We’re going to have a look at five of the most serious problems content marketers face and offer possible solutions.

We Can’t Produce Enough Content

I hear this a lot. Producing content in sufficient quantities to keep hungry search engines fed and social media followers engaged seems a daunting task. Continue reading

Backing Up Your WordPress Site To Amazon

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There’s nothing more heartbreaking for a website owner than having put dozens or hundreds of hours of work into perfecting their WordPress site, only to have it trashed by hackers, hardware failure, or a simple administrative mistake.

WordPress is enormously popular, with good reason, but as with any complex software it’s susceptible to malicious individuals and user errors. Your WordPress database and other assets should always be backed up so that, in the event of a catastrophe, you can simply reinstall, import your data, and be back where you were before disaster struck.

Most decent hosting companies will keep a backup for you, but as the saying goes, if your data doesn’t exist in three places, it doesn’t exist at all. Having a backup available that you fully control can be very useful.

There are many services and extensions that will help you with backing-up, but we’re going to take a look at how to back up to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3). Continue reading

Buying Social Media Followers: Pros and Cons

Twitter 6x6

Twitter 6x6 (Photo credit: Steve Woolf)

Social media is an important part of modern marketing. Facebook has over a billion users; Twitter has become many people’s platform of choice for communication with companies; Pinterest has just become one of the thirty most visited sites on the web.

Businesses who have no social media presence are ignoring a powerful and cost-effective marketing and customer relationship resource, especially if they are selling or providing services online.

Unfortunately, establishing that presence and kick-starting engagement has a cost. It is difficult for a business new to social media to attract followers without a substantial investment of both time and money. For many businesses, that’s not an investment they are prepared to make, and so they are tempted to manufacture a follower count.

Follower count, and the ratio of followers to followed, is often viewed by potential customers, media, and marketers as a sign of success. Everyone likes to be popular, and if they can’t be popular they want to seem popular without putting in the necessary time and work to get there naturally. There are definitely benefits to manufacturing a follower count, but there are also numerous drawbacks. Continue reading

Are Social Signals the New Links? In Short: No.

Ever since Eric Schmidt confirmed at LeWeb last year that social signals were being taken into consideration for SERPs, the SEO world has been rife with speculation and conjecture about the relative merits of social signals as compared to links. Some of the more excitable members of the industry even went so far as to declare the death of link-building as an SEO tool. In a recent interview, Google’s chief spam slayer, Matt Cutts, has attempted to dampen down the more extreme prognostications about the ascendency of social signals. Yes, social signals are being used to some extent, but the humble link still leads the way when it comes to determining SERP rankings, and it will for some years to come.

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Three Top Tips for Building A Natural Backlink Profile

Links in the chain

Patricia Oliveira

As we all know, back-links are a critical factor of search engine ranking algorithms. Getting more incoming links from better sources is a sure-fire method for improving a site’s position in SERPs. With the coming of Google’s Penguin algorithm update, techniques that seek to build links in ways that look unnatural are being penalized. Google wants its rankings to reflect the needs and interests of its users, and those sites that are employing shady link-building techniques are thought -reasonably- to be less likely  to meet that aim. With that in mind, here are three ways that webmasters and site owners can generate backlinks that aren’t going to ring alarm bells in Mountain View.

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Top Five Reasons Your Website’s Visitors Bounce

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Matt Cutts‘ recent confirmation that Google don’t use bounce rate as a signal for search engine ranking will be of cold comfort to website owners who are confounded by their visitors’ refusal to stick around.

A site’s  bounce rate  is the percentage of visitors that leave the site from the page on which they arrived without interacting or following navigation. Sites with a high bounce rate are falling at the first hurdle, and it can often be difficult to determine exactly which factors are repelling users. Today we’re going to have a look at the five most likely reasons that your site is failing to engage people.

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ASEOHosting to Offer European Dedicated SEO Servers

Hudson, Florida, U.S.A., November 26, 2011 – ASEOHosting, an industry leader in providing quality SEO hosting services and domain registration to both the US and Europe, has announced that they now offer dedicated SEO servers for their European clients.

ASEOHosting has already been providing SEO hosting services for customers throughout Europe and those who prefer to host their websites on various GEO locations with different private name servers and Class C IP’s. They company has now expanded their European product and service offerings to include dedicated SEO servers. These servers allow clients to better manage larger networks as they are accompanied by a variety of Class C IP addresses from different nations.

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