Frequently Asked Questions
What is SEO Hosting?

SEO hosting describes any web hosting service that provides multiple IP addresses in a manor that's easy to manage. Often times, these IP addresses are geographically dispersed (and not confined to a single location). There are a number of reasons that people choose to use SEO hosting services. It's true that hosting location is a significant ranking factor in both local SEO and International SEO. Others, with large networks of micro-sites, feel more comfortable hosting these web sites in a geographically dispersed fashion. Sometimes the reason isn't SEO at all, and you just need a web host that makes it really easy to manage multiple IP addresses, for SSL certificates, custom applications, or otherwise.

Whatever your reason for picking a high quality SEO hosting company, ASEOHosting has you covered.

Can I configure a private nameserver for each domain with an IP in a unique Class C?

Yes, and we use the tools available from our control panel, WHM, to make this as easy as possible. When you first log in to your new SEO hosting account our system will automatically assign an IP from your available pool of IPs to each domain you create. After you have assigned a domain to each unique IP you can click the List Accounts option in WHM to see a table of each unique Class C IP and its corresponding domain.

From here you will need to take note of which IP each domain is using. Next you will need to edit your DNS zone files as explained in our tutorials click here. You now need to point ns1.yourdomain.xxx and ns2.yourdomain.xxx to the same IP you assigned to yourdomain.xxx when you created the account. To do this:
  • Click Edit DNS Zone from the left navigation bar and WHM and enter the domain zone (yourdomain.xxx)
  • Locate the section "Add New Entries Below this Line"
  • Input ns1 in the first textbox
  • Select A from the drop down menu immediately to the right
  • A new textbox will appear. Enter the IP you noted earlier from the List Accounts view in WHM in this textbox
  • Now go to the next line and repeat the process noted above: First, enter ns2 in the first textbox. Next, select A from the drop down menu to the right. Finally, once the textbox has appeared enter the exact same IP as you did before in the textbox

Your last step will be to update the name server records at your domain registrar from your old host to your newly created private nameservers. The process will be different for each registrar, however, your objective is to change your nameservers to ns1.yourdomain.xxx and ns2.yourdomain.xxx. You can find tutorials that show the nameserver update process at most registrars at Private Nameservers Tutorials. Or alternatively, you can contact your registrar directly.

Ultimately your details should be similar format shown below;
ns1.yourdomain.xxx >> IP shown for yourdomain.xxx in the WHM List Accounts page
ns2.yourdomain.xxx >> IP shown for yourdomain.xxx in the WHM List Accounts page

Please keep in mind -- sometimes propagation may take up to 72hrs

If I order an SEO hosting package, will the IP addresses be consecutive?
No. ASEOHosting is one of the only shared SEO hosting companies that assigns each of your different Class C with a different Class D IP for any SEO hosting or SEO server package. For example, if you ordered a package with 5 unique class C IPs, you would receive IPs similar to the following:
IP 1: xx.xx.75.12
IP 2: xx.xx.78.38
IP 3: xx.xx.80.19
IP 4: xx.xx.82.3
IP 5: xx.xx.89.47
Can I change the IP address used by my sites in my control panel?

Yes. We have a plug-in for WHM to make this as easy as possible. Once you login to your WHM account you will see a link to "IP Manager" on the left navigation menu listed under "Plugin". Once you click that link you will see your accounts shown in the left window and the Class C IP shown on the right. Choose the account you wish to change in the left window and click on "Change" button then you will have a new window which shows yourdomainname with current IP Address, pick a new IP Address using drop down and final click on "Change" button. Simple as that! Your site's IP is now changed.

Does Google ever de-index ASEOHosting's IPs?
No. In fact, it is a myth that Google ever does this. And that's not just coming from us: take it from Google. But if you're still worried, a quick look at our Terms of Service should make it clear that we don't tolerate outwardly abusive behavior, and that any type of abuse (be it malware, email spam, hacking, or otherwise), will be addressed professionally.
How can I add a Package / Create an Account / Edit a DNS Zone?
These questions, and more, are covered in the WHM user guide along with many useful tips to help you with your new SEO hosting plan.
Can you help me with WordPress hardening and security?
You can find several tips for how to secure your WordPress sites here: WP Security. If you have any other questions, please contact our technical support team via client portal.
How easy is it to upgrade my current SEO hosting plan?
If you have stared with a multiple IP hosting plan and need more unique Class C IPs or if you need to upgrade any other component of your plan you can upgrade very easily using our secure client area. Just log in to your client area using the information provided in your welcome email. Navigate to My Services and click on the product you wish to upgrade. At the bottom of the product page you will see an upgrade/downgrade button. Once you click this button you will be able to select your new upgraded package. If you have any questions or if you need a custom solution, our sales team is always available via live chat or email to assist you.
Do you allow multiple accounts or domains on a single IP address?
Due to the nature of SEO hosting we must limit each unique Class C IP to only one domain name. 1 dedicated IP = 1 account/domain.
Do you allow Addon Domains & Parked Domains?
No. Only one domain may be hosted per unique Class C IP with our multiple IP hosting packages.
Does ASEOHosting provide other SEO-related services?
No. ASEOHosting is just a web hosting company.
How exactly does SEO hosting help my SEO ranking?
SEO webmasters use multiple IP hosting solutions to help their targeted website's back linking strategy and back linking statistics. Creating micro websites with content related to your target website on different Class C IPs and then linking these micro websites to your target website makes your target website seem more relevant to the search engines with respect to your target website's content.
Why all other hosting companies CAN NOT offer SEO hosting?
You need to own large IP blocks to offer SEO hosting and it is hard to keep, manage and route all IP blocks to same location.
What is a Dedicated SEO Server?
Dedicated SEO servers are just like a normal dedicated server except they come with multiple Class C IP's. A dedicated server is a server dedicated strictly to your account with no other customers accessing any part of your resources. Dedicated servers provide a greater level of freedom as you are able to run or deploy anything you wish.
Which operation systems do you support on your SEO servers?
We currently offer both Linux and Windows operating systems on our SEO "Dedicated" Servers. All our Shared SEO hosting platforms are Linux based. We strongly recommend CentOS with cPanel/WHM particularly for large multiple-IP hosting accounts.
How long will I have to wait for a response to a support request concerning my SEO hosting account?
We require our support staff to respond to your tickets within an average of 5-10 minutes. Our support staff is recognized as the best in the SEO hosting market and we take maintaining this position very seriously.
Is technical support available 24/7?
Yes. You can submit ticket anytime – day or night. Support is here for you 24/7/365 and, unlike many of our competitors, we schedule our technicians to ensure we have technicians with the same high level of experience and areas of expertise on each and every shift.
Do you outsource your technical support?
No! We pride ourselves on having not only the best support staff in the SEO hosting market but also one of the few in-house support staffs. All of our departments: customer service, technical support, billing, and server administrators are in-house.
Does ASEOHosting help me with migration from current host?
Yes. But only if you are using cPanel/WHM at your previous host.
What should I do for migrate my current hosting to ASEOHosting?
  • You need to order ASEOHosting hosting plan and receive activation email.
  • You need to login to billing portal then submit ticket to technical department with your current host WHM login details.
  • Once restoration completed our techs will reply your ticket then you can make needed DNS change at your domain registrar.
Is there any downtime at migration progress?
No, your website files will be at both servers during migration and name server propagation so sites will be load either old server or ASEOHosting server.
Do you monitor servers?
Yes. We monitor our servers 24/7/365. Our NOC, server administrators, and support staff are also available 24/7/365 to respond to server issues and monitoring alerts.
Do your shared SEO servers have backup?
Yes. We back up each of our shared SEO servers on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
Are SEO servers fully managed?
Yes. Servers running CentOS with cPanel/WHM servers are fully managed by our team of expert server administrators.
Can I order unique or specific Class A or Class B IP?
Yes, however, Class A and Class B IP address ranges are limited and subject to availability. Please contact our sales department to find out availability and pricing.
Subscription - Auto payment?
You can setup subscription (auto payment) for your plan to get your payments automated if you didn't have one already. Subscription is available to setup for PayPal payments only! To create a new subscription you will need to wait till next invoice get issued which is every 25th of the month. You have only 5 or 6 days to view/use "PayPal Subscribe" button over the invoice. This button is automatically removed by billing software after "Invoice due date" which is 1st day of the month. If you miss subscription date interval don't worry you can always do this at next invoice.
How can I cancel my hosting plan?
If you would like to discontinue your hosting plan and would like to cancel your plan please follow the steps below.
1) Login to billing portal
2) Click My services tab
3) Click on the icon at right side to your hosting plan to see package details
4) Click "Request Cancelation" button
5) Confirm you have file backups with writing " I understand all my files irrecoverable and I have full backups" at note text box
6) Describe the reason for your cancellation for us to improve our services
7) Please make sure that you have canceled "active" payment subscription
WordPress Manager
Login to cPanel www.yourdomain.com:2082
Click WordPress under Softaculous Apps Installer
Click Install then follow steps
How to request affiliate commission ?
To request affiliate payment you need to login to billing portal than submit a ticket to billing department. You need to let us know your Paypal email at this ticket so we can proceed your payment. Thank you for your business.
What is A class IP hosting?
ASEOhosting exclusively offer up to 20 different A class IP on single seo hosting plan for clients to receive the benefits hosting their each site on different IP. Here is a sample 20 A class plan IPs;